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Hawaii, the second windiest place on earth, a chain of islands pounded daily by sunshine, generates 80% of their power by burning fossil fuels.

Here’s a challenge to the leadership there…nature is bringing energy to your doorstep. Won’t you accept it?

America, You’re Welcome

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Just got back from visiting my second favourite country in the world…The USA. Yeah, I know, sue me, but  The USA is part of our family on this continent, and it is a country in trouble. After being attacked by Saudi Arabians in 2001, they retaliated by starting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, to the tune of two billion dollars A WEEK. What could two billion dollars a week invested in renewable resource technology have done for The USA over the last ten years? For one, it would have employed thousands in a new, burgeoning industry. The USA could have become the world leader in this.

A second residual result would be the ability to wean themselves off of foreign oil, in fact, oil in general. Imagine the consequences of that for a moment. You can choose to scoff at climate change, but when you burn stuff, like oil and gasoline, it usually makes a mess, there is no getting around that.

So, there you have it. A peaceful alternative to un-winable wars.  You’re welcome.

48 Years Ago Today

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A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.  ~John F. Kennedy

Third Trimester

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Hello friends;

First, a little background…

I hope to live for at least 75 years. I don’t think that’s unreasonable.  If that is the case, then I am over 2/3 of the way there. I’m entering my third trimester, if you will.

The first 25 years were spent trying to get my feet on the ground and figure things out. I was successful with the feet on the ground part.

The next 25 years I spent trying to combine making a living in the ‘real’ world and pursuing my artistic aspirations of acting and perfoming music. I believe I have been able to do this with a small degree of success. This ‘trimester’ just so happens to coincide with married life to my wonderful partner, Vienna. She has had a lot to do with where I am now.

As I enter into my third trimester, and witness what is happening around me locally and on a global scale, I feel a need to express some of my feelings on the path that we are on. This is how I want to spend my third trimester. There might not be any solutions, but there will be plenty of questions, rash judgements, ridiculous pronouncements, humour, and hopefully some intelligent discourse.

Please stay tuned, there will be daily updates, and I encourage feedback and input of any kind.

No More Toques!

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No More Toques!

No More Toques!


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